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Call for session

16th International Symposium on Aquatic Plants

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Call for session is open May 15 - Sep 1 2019.

Call for Session Proposals
The 16th International Symposium of Aquatic Plants organizers wishes that the participants will be involved in the development of the program agenda, and therefore invites you to propose a session related to your interests and expertise. The proposal should identify a coherent topic that can be addressed by about six talks. We seek to capture all emerging issues and new ideas.

Session Format
We expect each session to be 90-minutes long with six 15-minute talks forming a cohesive theme.

Steps to Develop a Proposal
1. Define the purpose, focus and overarching message of the proposed session
2. Outline key session objectives
3. Suggest colleagues to present a diverse perspective on your session theme
4. Register your session proposal here.
5. After participants have submitted abstracts conference organizers will structure the final sessions.

Deadline for submission of session proposals is 1 September 2019.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria
Selection will be based on content and expected level of interest in the topic, the overall relevance to the conference, and the session's potential for generating useful results and dialogue among attendees. Preference is given to sessions that focus on new and emerging science. For questions, contact Dr. Tenna Riis (tenna.riis(at) or Dr. Lars BĂ„strup-Spohr (lbaastrupspohr(at)

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